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Book descriptions

The first book (Bootsie you're 8) introduces the reader to our hero and main character 'Bootsie' as well as such characters as Bootsie’s ex international playing Coach, 'Coach Van Den' and his team mates. His team mates are a real mixed bunch of boys, including Stinkey Taylor named due to his wind problems.  Bootsie is desperate to win his under 11's grand final and faces many challenging obstacles along the way. 

The second book (Bootsie number 2) in the series is about Bootsie leaving his beloved Bulldogs when his family have to move far away for his dad's new job location.  Bootsie has to learn to not only deal with the move itself but that he may not be good enough to even get on the town's rugby team.  Bootsie is faced with some very tough challenges this season and just getting to the club will be an achievement for him.  The book introduces the reader to new characters such as rugby Robbie, Tank and a coach that has no time for players that don't put in a full effort. 

The third book (Bootsie the schoolboy) is about the upcoming schoolboy selection camp that has got every boy in town talking. During the season Bootsie learns about the pride that goes with the jumper and how difficult it is to gain this sought after jumper.  He is also forced to learn that  the challenge of earning one can make his friends go a little bit crazy.  As well as many rugby lessons the book also teaches about respect, trust, pride, stubbornness, loyalty and many other life issues.

By the fourth book (Bootsie the king) he deals with much more in depth life lessons such as death and grief when a sudden tragedy is forced upon our hero. Bootsie learns to overcome the loss and  at the start of the new school year is invited to try out at a top private boarding school with the chance of gaining a full scholarship to play rugby.

The fifth book (Bootsie and the tourists) continues on from exactly where the fourth book ends. It is a continuation from the midway point of the same season from Bootsie the King and details the remainder of the season including a visiting private school from another country. The visiting school is called Charlton Hall and the boys are not as posh on the field as the name of the school suggests.

The sixth book (Bootsie on tour) is the next year again in the series and follows Bootsie overseas when his Dad gets a new job transfer for one year. Bootsie has to attend the same school that came out to play his school in Bootsie and the tourists. He has a very interesting year while he’s there and changes the life of one boy forever.

The seventh book (Bootsie and the team) in the series follows Bootsie as he returns to All Kings for the final two years of his schooling. It’s not going to be an easy two years for our star that’s for sure and after a short return to All Kings finds himself in deep trouble and facing expulsion from the school and being excluded from any schoolboy selection camps because of it.

The eighth and final book (Bootsie just one more) is the final year of Bootsie's schooling life and it's his mission to be selected for the national schoolboys team, no matter what it takes.  Life has been pretty rocky for our hero in the past year and this year certainly has its ups and downs as well. 

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