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Welcome to Bootsie Books, your online guide for everything you need to know about the series of children's Rugby Union books.

Bootsie Books are a series of fictional children's books about a young boy 'Bootsie' who is as passionate about rugby union as anyone can get.  In all there are 8 books in the series with 'Bootsie you’re 8' being the first.  The books suit the 6-13 year old age group, although I’ve had plenty of adults and older kids tell me how much they thoroughly enjoyed the books as well.

As the reader laughs out loud with the adventures of Bootsie they will be learning many things about the game of rugby union as well including, player numbers, positions, strategies and laws of the game just to mention a few.  The books also teach the reader positive lessons about  life such as friendship, character, courage, honesty, commitment, discipline and sportsmanship. 

There are many more adventures to go through with Bootsie as each book is another year in his life.  The proof is in the reading and here are only a few emails I've received from happy parents and grand parents.

What a great book you've written, my son and I loved it!!
Phil Kearns
Ex Wallaby Hooker/ Fox Sports Commentator

My 8-yr old son, Jonathan, who is sports-mad, but whom I have never been able to get to read a book, has devoured yours: pretty quickly!  I am absolutely delighted to have finally found a book which appealed to him.
Lauren Ross
Perth WA

Rarely do I give praise, but when I do it's well earnt, these books are nothing short of brilliant, they have grabbed my son and transfixed him, he can't put them down, well done and keep up the good work!
Chesterfield, England

These books are nothing short of excellent, my 8 yr old son couldn't put them down, he read 4 books in succession which i think say's it all, he can't wait to get the next 2! Although they are rugby themed, they do offer a moral story in each book, cleverly written, so much so that my son quotes some of the moral lessons he learned in them!

My son and I love your books. I am a teacher in Hawkes Bay New Zealand and just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the first one!
Hawkes Bay New Zealand

I am just writing to say thank you for a lovely book, it has hit the spot in our home. I have three boys 12, 11 and 9 all very keen rugby lads. Hugh(12) has already finished Bootsie you're 8, he is not a great reader but adored your book, he has asked me to buy the whole series for him, I was wondering when the next book is due for release?
I would love to see him keep reading.......The boys school (Cooma North Public School) also purchased a copy and it has been a great hit there.
Jacki Allen
Cooma NSW

I gave my son Sean (9) your Bootsie You’re 8 book to read. He absolutely loved it, and would like to know when the next book will be available.  Sean does not enjoy reading much, and I struggle to find books that capture his attention as your book has.
Michelle Szalek
Perth WA

My nephew Marcus has just turned 9 (November) and  as a special treat I gave him the first book to read in November and asked him to write a little review. His Dad said he vanished for 4 evenings after school to read the book and his review talked about friendship, character, sportsmanship and courage - his Dad was very impressed.

He is very excited about the second book which he's just received this morning as he's rugby mad but I just wanted to thank you for your great handling of a great sport which teaches kids so much and which you explain so well in words. 
Tony Rhodes
South Wales UK

I enjoy the way you portray 'ordinary' family life with its values of decency in a way that the reader is not consciously aware of. And I'm sure lots of kids wish they could live with Bootsie, so they could have his mum and dad for parents.
Yasmin Gray
Editor Fontaine Press

My 9 year old grandson loved the first book. It is the first book he has really wanted to read.  
Peter Stening 
Chatswood NSW

My mum gave me the whole series, the author even signed one of the books for me but I won't let my sister Sophie touch that page, these books are awesome.  Yesterday I spoke to the author on the phone he said I was a special young man, thanks for writing these books Mike. 
Matthew Powell
Iluka WA

I spoke to you at rugby and bought a book for my son. He loved it! A great book and he couldn’t put it down.
Amanda Wilson
UWA rugby

Like other parents I expect. My boy loves his rugby and can relate to a lot in your book. He loves your book and it’s the first book he’s ever finished so thanks very much.
John Curtis
Morley WA

I along with many others brought your wonderful book “Bootsie” at Leederville during the 2010 rugby season. What a fantastic book you have published. My son (11 year old) grumbled when I gave it to him for part of his birthday present. But within 2 days he had read it cover to cover and it now sits pride of place on his tallboy.
Kirsty George
Perth WA

I gave the first Bootsie Book to my 9yr old nephew for Christmas. He finished reading it and loved it - his report was that it was "awesome"! So you have another fan who is now eagerly awaiting his copy of the second one!!
Karen Tiedtke
Perth WA


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